Bet and Clint

Onshore Partner visa, student visas and Work and Holiday visa

Visado de Pareja - Bet y Clint"It has been more than three years since I first arrived in Australia and almost from the beginning Marta has helped me in processing all my visa applications. I have applied to several Australian visas, some easier and some longer and complex. 

When Clint, my husband, and I decided to live in Australia and start the Partner visa process, we had a lot of questions and doubts. It was too much for us, we didn't even know where to start with - statutory declarations, medical check-ups, police clearance, etc. Asking for Marta's help made the process easier and more straight forward, even though we had some problems she always found the way to overcome them.

Now I am half way to achieve my permanent residency and this is thanks to Marta. Thank you very much for your support and patience!"

Berta and Daniel

Skill Visa and Skill Assessment application

Visado de Skill - Berta y Daniel"When we decided to come to Australia we never imagined that we would end up receiving the Permanent Residency that quick! All thanks to Marta from First Step Australia and her advice.

Having the Permanent Residency is not easy in Australia, but it is much better if a professional can help with all the bureaucracy. We couldn't have achieved it without Marta's help. To be honest since we have the Skill Visa granted our lives have changed dramatically, we work in our occupations and live in a beautiful part of Australia, now we can stay here for ever.

Marta was always next to us through all the visa process, for any question, doubt or help that we needed.

We consider ourselves fortunate to decide to come to Australia and even more to have chosen First Step Australia to help us with all the process.

Thank you very much Marta!"

Maribel and Alvaro

Prospective Partner Visa / Partner Visa 

"Hi Marta, there are no words to describe how both Maribel and I feel about finally getting a positive decision, getting the visa granted could not happen without our help. I have said it before and say it again, you were a God send to us."

Sakib Jalil

Graduate Visa

Visado de Graduado - Sakib

"Upon completion of my PhD degree in Australia, I was concerned of the timing to apply for my next visa, as my student visa was coming to an end. Marta of First Step Australia explained me details of all possible visas to help make an informed decision of which visa to apply next. The Department of Immigration website produces lot of information but I needed to make a decision based on my individual circumstance.

The 485 post-study stream visa was not as straightforward as the information provided. While arranging my documents I realized there are many things to consider that one needs to prepare carefully due to individual situation. Marta helped me through the entire process. To name a few, there are questions about whether I had to do a new medical exam or not, valid health insurance companies for this visa that are different from Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC), etc.

Marta of First Steps Australia helped me through accurate suggestions, arrangements of my documents, their validities and additional information for how to obtain documents that I did not already have and the submission of the application. In a way she was like my manager who did all the things for me. Even though I mention these specifics, she gave me an overall support that helped me to relax and enjoy my post-PhD time. My application was successful in a short time.

Marta is amicable, possesses strong acumen as an immigration agent, a good listener, extremely timely and efficient in her work. In addition, she went out of her regular duties to provide suggestions about my future steps in Australia too. I am extremely satisfied to have done this endeavour with her. Marta is very professional and she is very motivated to make visa applications successful. I will definitely request her to help me with my next visa arrangements towards a Permanent Residency."

Raquel Puigmolé

General English student

Testimonios Australia - Raquel Puigmole2"With no doubt Australia has been so far the best of my experiences and my best investment. I not only learnt English, I learnt many more things! I met people and cultures from all over the world. Nature is very close to you and there are incredible places to visit. You cannot get bored at all! In my case I lived in Brisbane and the weather is fantastic, I am so jealous!

My experience wouldn´t have been the same without Marta. Even before I arrived in Australia she offered me an outstanding and personalised attention. Her advice was realistic and very professional, which helped when I had to make a decision. She was there for everything I needed during my time in Australia and even when I went back home. 

This has been a fantastic adventure thanks to you as well! Thank you for everything. A big hug Marta!"

Pere Amat

Certificate in English Proficiency studenttestimonio Australia - Pere Amat

"I am in Australia! I cannot believe it! In Spain I was not able to make a decision without asking my family and friends' opinions a thousand times. How did I manage to reach that far? How did I risk changing continents and my way of life? It seems impossible for someone who did not know anything about this big continent and who was not in his best moment in life. However, I had an ace under the sleeve and I still have it: FIRST STEP AUSTRALIA.

They put up with all my questions, my indecision, they gave me advice, opinion and helped me with everything I needed. Thank you very much! This testimonial is for you, even though is too short for all the services you have provided me. I do not know how to thank you for all the support and help you offered me. You are big, very big!

Thanks a lot mate!!"

Caterina and Roger 

Demi Pair and preparation course for FCE students

Estudiantes en Australia - Caterina y Roger"All started when my boyfriend and I decided to travel together to Australia and have a wonderful experience together in another culture. We were looking for an education agency to help us, as Australia is such a far and different country.
We contacted different agencies before we made a final decision and First Step Australia was the one that gave us better promotions and since day one they provided confidence to us and helped us with the thousands of questions we had. They also helped us choosing the best travel options and thanks to them we had an incredible and economic holiday while studying and working in the wonderful city of Sydney.

We thought that it would be difficult to find a school and a Demi Pair family for the two of us. However, they found us a family that welcomed and gave us the opportunity to do the Demi Pair Program. I am very grateful with First Step Australia as without them we would not have had the chance to have this perfect experience in this amazing country.

Thank you First Step Australia!!!"

Rosi Torres

IELTS and Certificate I in Sport and Recreation student

Rossi"My experience in Australia is probably the best I've had in my life.

Australia is an incredible and diverse country, with beautiful landscapes, dreamy sunsets and with the most diverse animals I have ever seen. Brisbane, in particular, is a city with a perfect fit, a multicultural enriching population and beautiful weather.

The advice I received by First Step Australia about studying in Australia was complete, explicit and professional. The process once the decision was made was amazingly fast. I could not be happier with the choice I made. At school I met many people from different parts of the world and I made good friends who I still keep in touch with. Besides that, I achieved my academic goal which was a good result in IELTS. I had a great experience! "  

Daniel Pujadas

IELTS student

daniel pujadas

"Long before travelling, First Step Australia sent me a lot of information with different options, different ways to approach my journey and I was given the opportunity to choose an option which let me change cities while studying in the same English school.

Throughout my stay in Australia, which lasted eight months, I was in constant contact with First Step Australia where Marta, a very friendly and professional person, was still counselling and advising me. At all times she helped me fix or solve any doubt or small problem that I had.

The result was that I came to Australia with IELTS 6, worked as a waiter, made friends, made professional contacts, went on trips, learnt to surf, saw kangaroos, enjoyed myself and eight months later I achieved an IELTS 7.

Thanks to my Australian experience and my level of English achieved, I had the opportunity to grow personally, gain confidence, live a unique experience and finally I got a job in Singapore.

I would like to thank Marta for encouraging me to take this step, which has been so beneficial to me. Wherever I'll be, I'll always carry a little piece of Australia in my heart. "