Demi Pair - in Sydney

960227 20762106smallDo you want to learn English quickly?

The Demi Pair program gives you the chance to improve and practice your level of English 24/7.

In the mornings you will study English and in the afternoon you will work up to 20 hours a week caring for children in an Australian family and doing some household chores allowing integration and total immersion in the English world. 

In return for your work you will have free accommodation and meals with the family, and you will earn between $120 and $150 a week. You will have most of the weekends free to explore the city of Sydney and its surroundings. 


  • Be between 20 and 30 years of age
  • Previous experience working with children
  • Intermediate level of English and a driver´s license
  • Study an English course (minimum of 12 weeks) in the morning - we will help you
  • Obtain a student visa 
  • Apply 3 months in advance

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